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bienvenue Presentation

The Ateliers F. Vanwers is a typical family company developed thanks to the hard work of one independent. The history of the company goes back to 1946, at a moment when Fernand Vanwers starts to make pieces in series with only a few turning and milling machines in premises in Wandre. In 1950, the company buys grinding machines and tools for the construction of dies. From that moment on, the company will continue to progress on a regular basis and this thanks to experience but also a permanent desire to closely follow the evolution from a technical and industrial point of view.

In 1972, the company will take a decisive turn. A neighbour of Ateliers Vanwers, who makes rings retires. Fernand Vanwers buys the company and in one time doubles the production surface. And so here he is, well settled in the neighbourhood with adjacent premises and an important production surface that goes from one street to another.

Even if Ateliers F. Vanwers continues to make rings, the main activity of the company remains the production of precision tools and more precisely cutting and folding dies. The production of such pieces requires the appropriate machinery capable of grinding to the micron. This is the reason why the company obtained the label: « Precision mechanical workshop».

The important machine park has been replaced several times. Evolution progresses fast and in order to continue to improve the performances, a more and more advanced technology has to be used. The actual numeric machines that are used today mainly come from Switzerland, Germany and England.

Today Ateliers Fernand VANWERS occupies a covered surface of 1837 m² and a non covered surface of 360 m² and employs around thirty workers.

The main activities of the company are:

  • High precision mechanic pieces in all kinds of materials, light alloy, alloyed steel with high resistance, titanium alloys, pieces going to diameters of 2000 mm and lengths of 4000 mm.
  • Precision tools and calibers.
  • Dies, moulds, pliers, milling machines, axes de pistons, rings and special washers
  • Pieces made by electro erosion, wire-cut and ploughing systems.
  • Pieces made in small series destined for space shuttle Ariane as well as airplane motors.

In addition, the company has ISO9001 (ed.2000), OTAN, EN 9100 (EASE, QUALIFAS) certifications and also takes part in aeronautics and aerospace programs like CFM56, ARIANE 5, VULCAIN, GE90, AIRBUS A380 and the aerospace project Vinci.

bienvenue Contact

Ateliers F.vanwers
Rue Jean-Baptiste Cools, 35
4000 Liège - Belgique

TEL: +32 4 227 26 84
FAX: +32 4 227 68 13