tournage, fraisage, rectification, honage, erosion par fil, erosion par défonçage, outillages, construction, outillages de presses, matrices de découpage, matrices de pliage, matrices de pinces spéciales, matrices de moules

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bienvenue Company’s activities

The activities of the company are mainly :

  • Turning: conventional and vertical up to 2000mm, CNC, hard turning
  • Milling: conventional and CNC high speed spindle
  • Grinding: plane, cylindrical inner and outer, centerless (for series), double side (for series)
  • Honing
  • Erosion: ploughing (3machines) and wire-cut systems (3 machines)
  • Manufacturing: tools for presses, cutting die, folding die, specials pliers, moulds
  • Construction: special engines following customer’s drawings
  • Subcontracting works

In addition, the company has ISO9001 (ed.2000), OTAN, EN 9100 (EASE, QUALIFAS) certifications and also takes part in aeronautics and aerospace programs like CFM56, ARIANE 5, VULCAIN, GE90, AIRBUS A380 and the aerospace project Vinci.

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bienvenue Contact

Ateliers F.vanwers
Rue Jean-Baptiste Cools, 35
4000 Liège - Belgique

TEL: +32 4 227 26 84
FAX: +32 4 227 68 13